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About Us

Based in Singapore, we are a passionate and energetic team experienced in renovation and carpentry. Aside from specializing in carpentry works, we also undertake renovation projects in the office, commercial, retail and even residential


Our business model runs on a B2B and B2C approach. All of our well-crafted carpentry furniture are produced in our very own in-house workshop/factory. Having a well equipped team with up-to-date knowledge and skills on all new hardware products puts us ahead of our competition. Additionally, our carpenter has also been certified under the "BLUM Products and Accessories" workshop. 

We have been in this industry for more than 15 years. Our vast experience has produced many projects customized to the preferences and styles of various company offices and residential houses. Be it a brand new place for renovation or refurbishment of an existing place, we aim to deliver the best results to satisfy each customer's needs.

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